Which Hunger Games Character Am I Most Like

Some are obviously main characters, like katniss everdeen, peeta mellark and gale hawthorne. Which hunger games character are you most like?

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It's safe to say that just about everyone looks up to you — and you probably don't even know it.

Which hunger games character am i most like. Who between katniss, the archer; Take this quiz to figure out which tribute you are most like! Which hunger games character are you most like?

Josh hutcherson is most like his 'hunger games' character peeta. You're a little shy but that's okay, because it only adds to your charm. A pale, english, overweight, stubbled kid.

May the odds ever be in your favor. by violettiger. A lot of hunger games readers were up in arms about the fact that rue, as played by amandla stenberg, was portrayed as having brown skin in the the first film, but that was a clear. Take this personality quiz to determine which of the main characters you're most like, and learn a thing or two about the series while you're at it.

At all costs make them survive. Some of the awesome tributes from the series. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Take this quiz to find out which hunger games character you're most like. Try this amazing which character from the hunger games are you quiz! (from the hunger games only, this quiz has nothing to do with catching fire and mockingjay!

Five years after the final movie premiered, our beloved hunger games franchise just introduced a new book into its ranks. Want to know, it's simple, take this quiz giving a series of 6 simple questions, and look at your result. I feel like so much of who i am is peeta, the actor sheepishly explains.

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On may 19, suzanne collins released the ballad of songbirds and snakes, a new hunger games novel.rather than revisiting the characters we know and love, however, the novel tells the story of coriolanus snow. I wouldn't have cast me: You live in the seam (the pooriest section of district 12) and your family is on the verge of starving, what do you do?

What hunger games character is the most like you? Quiz which has been attempted 134877 times by avid quiz takers. Also explore over 6 similar quizzes in this category.

Even if it means deffying the capitol and risking a serious whipping or even death. What hunger games tribute are you? Gotoquiz glitched and put johanna's result twice, so when you get your result and see two johannas, ignore it and count both result things as one.

Which hunger games girl are you? Rue, with her sweet nature and that incredible, melodic, haunting voice, is definitely a favorite, as is the clever foxface and the hunky, mischievous finnick odair the characters are incredibly memorable. While snow in katniss ' time is a manipulative dictator, this.

As he told the guardian, you read the books and my character's meant to look like a kind of greek god. I could survive if i had to. You care more about other people than you do yourself, for better or for worse.

Also, its just the tributes, so there is no gale, prim or anyone like that. You're small and gentle, which makes you the perfect animal lover. Are you a fan of the hunger games.

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Which the hunger games character are you? the hunger games was set in a country in north america called “panem.” it was about a very unique game, the hunter games! Stay by yourself, trust no one, not even your fellow tribute! You might be seen as one of the only normal, down to earth people in.

Aside from these small details, claflin definitely looked like a real heartthrob in the hunger games, just like finnick. You're an intelligent, sly character with quite a bit of wit. I am most definitely an indoor person!

Take this quiz now and find out which hunger games tribute you are. So there are a lot of awesome female characters in the hunger games, but i've never found a quiz that included every single one all in one quiz so i decided to make one. Trust only your fellow tribute than battle it out in the end!

You've been selected to compete in the hunger games! Which 'hunger games' character are you?. If you were a mentor for the hunger games, what advice would you give your tributes?

Which hunger games character are you?

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