How Do Video Games Express Procedural Rhetoric

It has “the ability to capture experience as systems of interrelated actions.’that is, computer technologies are based on operations programmed into the system, and manipulating those rules. Connecting youth, games and learning , k.

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He calls on fellow games scholars to interrogate the ways in which computer games, make claims about how things work, in order to reproduce or contest social, cultural, and political processes (2008, p.

How do video games express procedural rhetoric. Both games are from the same developer, square enix, so it will be interesting to see how twewy is similar and distinct from their traditional rpgs and how the game uses procedural rhetoric to express their story. How do games express meaning and participate in societal development? Games, especially games and literacy, without invoking godfather gee.

It is this procedural expression, or representation, that bogost carries into his theorization of procedural rhetoric. Ian bogost highlights the use of game mechanics as rhetorical tools specific to the game medium. On procedurality of computers and procedural rhetoric of video games.

Even as gaming literacies are being explored (for example, selfe and hawisher 2007) and the composition of games by game designers has been studied (for example, robison 2008), the study of rhetoric in games is generally absent in rhetoric and composition. “ procedural rhetoric” is an analytical framework for video game criticism developed by ian bogost, a professor at the georgia institute of technology and a prime mover in the nascent academic field of videogame theory. 3.1 narrative and procedural rhetoric.

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The rhetoric of video games ian bogost the georgia institute of technology, school of literature, communication, and culture. Bogost introduces procedural rhetoric by analogy to the field of visual rhetoric, placing his work along rhetoric‘s expanding visionary line from orality to visuality to ―procedurality‖ (2). The rhetoric of video games.

For a more detailed discussion of procedural rhetoric and persuasive games, see bogost’s book on the. The conceptual move that bogost plays in persuasive games deals with the application of the procedural uniqueness of computer games to the expression of serious topics. Salen, ed., the john d.

The procedural rhetoric of computer games is far more related to the ‘statement’ made by the institutional procedures of granting an audience in court protocol. That is to say, the gestures, experiences, and interactions a game’s rules allow (and disallow) make up the game’s significance.” (bogost 121) 14. The system of rules and mechanics conveys the message of the game.

It seems plausible that the persuasiveness of computer games, on both levels, depends on the degree to which players consciously or unconsciously transfer lessons learned in the. If proceduralism explains why games can address serious topics, then procedural rhetoric is a valid theory for the understanding of games. Bogost's 2007 book persuasive games:

This paper conducts an exploratory, qualitative literature review of the theory to address the lack of information about accumulated knowledge. Video games are based on a new form of rhetoric that relies on a procedural functioning, which opens a new field of persuasive expression: In the ecology of games:

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Macarthur foundation series on digital media and learning. I instead believe that the procedural rhetoric can be enhanced and intensified through the use of verbal and visual framing, and that proper use of luntz style framing of the verbal and visual rhetoric does, in fact, create a large amount of the effective power that comes from procedural rhetoric found in video games. Colby looks to video games as sites of procedural rhetoric;

The expressive power of videogames. In this context, video games can be used to develop arguments on The term “procedural rhetoric” was developed by ian bogost in his book persuasive games:

The rules do not merely create the experience of play— they also construct the meaning of the game. He argues that games have the power to persuade and express ideas through procedures that enable players to act in the gameworld. Animals will express desire for a shirt or furniture item the player carries with

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