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4 hours, 8 minutes 4h 8m. The new gamer in dxd ch 1, high school dxd /.

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Highschool dxd oc gamer fanfiction.

Highschool dxd gamer oc fanfiction. Please note that this fanfic is written based on when rias. 12/8/2015, raynare, oc 14 high school dxd: A few minutes after ash's mom went out.

I don't own high school dxd or friday the 13th please support the official releases. Make a harem of 5 girls. And skill of our main character for the story 'dxd:

As well, it is based on other novels, games, or manhwa/manga that i read from the past. Highschool dxd fanfiction overpowered oc gamer.a crossover based by the work of ashxryuko27 in fanfiction where pokemon champion of alola ash ketchum is in high school academy call infinity academy he see old friends and new ones. High school dxd/ハイスクールd×d, m, english, supernatural & romance, chapters:

Will ash join rias's peerage, or will he be their killer? High school dxd/ハイスクールd×d, t, english, romance & supernatural, chapters: Issei and koneko are sent to the demon world for some teamwork training.

Gamer male oc fanfiction dxd schools. In exchange for becoming a gamer, he has to defeat the system and its minions. Fanfiction | unleash (powerful oc highschooldxd rias harem akeno issei koneko malereader crossover highschool asia rwby devils xenovia kiba sona kuroka fallenangels anime serafall 1.2k stories sort by:

This is a multicross gamer story inspired by. I don't own any art, music, or videos in this story. It was when he opened his eyes is when he was greeted with the sight of a blue screen with a message written on it in black.

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Each sheet will be published along a new chapter and it will describe the stats and skills of the main character at the end of the chapter that these sheets are updated with. Ash was letting his mom kill the campers that came to their lake. After all, the best opponent for a system is another gamer!

[book is finished] i'll tell you when the second is coming out in the next year or so please note; Complete, first published feb 10, 2019. I know dxd is a really popular verse for gamers to start in but i hope that the mc.

Ok listen rias, i was fine with the whole breaking and entering thing a believes they rightfully have ownership of issei hyoudou. A voice spoke, which echoed, though it was raspy from severe disuse, anything i want… becomes mine. in which this is an god oc, either gender or none at all but prefers the male physique, believes they rightfully have ownership of. Manhwa/korean comics/만화 + high school dxd/ハイスクールd×d crossover.

Highschool dxd x gamer fanfiction. You are reincarnated into the world of highschool dxd. Gamer oc, eventually op oc azazel and the sun goddess ra for more just read the story i own nothin.

I don't own highschool dxd or the gamer. When the strongest being wakes up from multiple years of slumber, how will he react, and is his adoptive mother dead? Short stories highschool dxd original character supernatural strange plotbunny slash pairing.

Played so many of them that he is what one would call a gamer. He is secretly conspiring against the other factions. Gamer male oc fanfiction dxd schools.details:

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As they arrive, koneko starts acting weird towards issei, making it hard for him to find a different way to boost his power in battle. A few moments after that a pop up came up and reincarnated him into high school dxd. A gamer is a person who travels the different worlds of the multiverse.

A man woke up with the gamer ability and. The world he is going to be in is the dxd verse as familiar in the familiar forest. I don't owe the ideas for the skills,grades of items etc.

The gamer (gamer oc x dxd) 8 parts ongoing. Gamer male oc fanfiction dxd schools.schools details: However, that will soon change.

Gamer dxd oc fanfic harem schools. Show these half ass harem protags what a real harem looks like and amass a harem of the most desirable women in any universe. Holy shit i'm a gamer now.

Issei, rias g., oc 4k+ the game must go on » by crossedge a guy gains the gamer system and gets thrown into a multiverse of his own. So, please be patient, i'll try to explain everything and if you have any doubts you can ask me via pm or in a review. The unmatched wolf gamer (high school dxd x oc gamer) 24 parts ongoing.

I'm new to this kind of fanfiction type. We'll unfortunately you have to read to find out! High school dxd/ハイスクールd×d, m, english, adventure & romance, chapters:

Journey of a harem king. His life of adventures and a sexy harem start here! It is one of the manifestations of my father's power, it is called the gamer, with your blessing you.

Anime/manga high school dxd/ハイスクールd×d.follow/fav issei x I don't own the gamer, date a live, helltaker, high school dxd, the pictures, or any of the characters/anime/manga used in this fanfiction. One of the campers came in and shoved ash into the lake letting him drown.

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Unable to defeat the system by himself, god makes a desperate gamble with a soul. Thanks for checking out this fic. After being rescued from the void by a passing love fairy, axton enters the world of highschool dxd with the power of the gamer.

Read, review and comment your opinion on the story.

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