Highest Paid Video Game Players

That’s over twice as much as the second highest paying esports game! This resulted in the personal winning of $2,172,536.60 for each team member which made the even the largest prize pool to date.

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Estimates for his worth range from $2m up to $7.5 million, but what is not in doubt is that the former cs:go professional has earned a reputation as one of the best multiple title streamers playing sea of thieves, day z, escape from tarkov and gta v.

Highest paid video game players. Highest paid player from canada artour babaev. An avid battle royale player, dakotaz is also notable for his h1z1 and the forest content. Forbes estimates mixer will pay grzesiek $20 million over three years, even though his 7 million twitch followers has translated into less.

This game has a biggest player base from any other online video game. Dota 2 a multiplayer online battle arena (moba) ranks second on. 19 dakotaz ($650,000) via

Dakotaz — also known as brett hoffman— is among the new breed of streamers primarily famous for their fortnite content. Suffice it to say that the og dota 2 team, who dominated the scene for years, are some of the highest earning esports players in the world. Sasha hostyn date of birth:

Grand theft auto v and ea's tetris mobile game are the only other known video. The money comes from prize money, salary, twitch subscriptions, streaming ad revenue and sponsorships. Unlike her predecessors on the list, scarlett plays starcraft ii competitively, playing primarily as zerg.

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Over 60 gamers have earned over $100,000 in prize money. Ti 2018 had a higher prize pool than ever at a staggering $25,532,177. Before the fortnite world cup which took place this past summer turner “tfue” tenney was the highest earning fortnite player and one the highest earning esports players of all time.

Player id player name total (overall) highest paying game total (game) % of total; The highest paid gamer in the world in terms of prize money is american saahil arora, known by his player id as universe, with a career $2.7 million. The game has an average player count of 312,277 everyday as checked in the first month of 2020.

Amer was first recognised globally back in 2015 after topping the european leaderboards and eventually becoming the top mmr player in the world. One of the top starcraft 2 players in the world, korea's jang min chul has made more than $450,000 by regularly placing in. This is a list of video games that have sold the highest number of software units worldwide.

The top pro gamers make an estimated $1.1 million a year from playing video games professionally. Earning more than $500,000 from tournaments alone he quickly established himself in the streaming world. Top games awarding prize money.

Dota 2 eclipses every other game on the list with over $170 million dollars awarded to players in pro tournaments. An indian origin, american professional video game player sahil arora aka universe is another player for evil geniuses and highest paid video gamer in the world. Jerax is currently retired but his earnings up to january 2020, still make him one of the top earners with at least $6.5 million.

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His overall earnings are $686,972.25 from playing in 90 tournaments, giving him the highest overall earning among call of duty players, 5th among esports players from canada, and 80th worldwide.

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