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A place to discuss interactive fictions/interactive novels/text games published by choice of games llc. Synopsis (wip) you’ve done things.

Slaanesh marked Chaos Warrior WIP c&c

A new century is around the corner, and you are an outlaw traversing the towns and terrains of the frontier, only to one evening get wrapped up in chasing down the.

Choice of games wip reddit. Reddit casino what game best return want to play casino for free. Hurry, or there won’t be anywhere to go! Choose your music and blare it as you trade, sneak, and talk your way past a planetary blockade, smuggling a pair of weird siblings to a brand new home.

July 20th, 2021 | demo. There are only a handful of characters in this title but that made it easier to memorize the characters and spend more time with each of them. Choose your favorite music and jam your way from one crisis to the next.

Thrill seeker is an interactive fiction horror/mystery game with romantic aspects.solve the mystery of who killed your mother and make some friends along the way. So i have made a list of best wips that i think will make amazing games when they get released. Control your attitude about joining ofna (accepting vs resistant) five ros available to all players ( more info on them here ).

Chapter two is in progress at the moment and is about 20,000 words long currently. Rock this 220,000 word space adventure with pirates, spies, and snarky computers. Please post about hosted games and choicescript wips in r/hostedgames!

When you are sent to a military academy to help train the elite of tomorrow, will you use this opportunity to break away from your “employers”? Solve the case, save your school, find a date for prom! Will you break free from your chains, shape the world the way you want?

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There weren't as many choices to make as the other titles, though. To play casino for free through games in demo version is a very good option for new players, but will keep you entertained for a reddit casino what game best return long time, since it can not, in demo mode you will no longer have to win prizes real money. Customizable mc, including gender, sexuality, their familiar, and what gift they have.

Select the classic stock car and build your own nascar legend using the nascar skins, rims and power parts provided, then hit multiplayer and search for servers running the mod. But there are many wips [work in progress] games that we really dont know about but are very promising not all of us have luxury of time to comb through forums in search of them each. To put it in perspective, the first chapter of the book was in total about 39,000 words (not including the scene i had to paste in twice because i was really new at choice script.

Thrill seeker is rated 18+ for gore, violence, bad language, and themes of physical abuse.any other warnings will be added as the game progresses. For all writers who have an active wip thread and want to have a chance to get a little more attention, there is a new spot on the hosted games subreddit where you can add a link your wip for all to see. If this floats your boat, post there or here with the link and a line or two about your story and i or one of the other subreddit mods will add it to the list.

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You’re from the big city of lehsa, you’re returning home to begin your postgraduate studies after being away for three years. It is to be published under choice of games’ hosted games label. Your fate hasn’t been your own ever since you were seven.

This game is a strange, yet effective mix of puzzle, horror, and dating sim elements and offers multiple endings based on decisions made by the. Golden is my first choicescript wip. On your return, lehsa is as you remember it;

Learn about your mother’s disappearance, ofna secrets, and how to control your newfound gifts. Pinned post wip choice of games military magic customizable mc romance options evil mc done with the world interactive fiction 158 notes aug 8th, 2021 open in app You and your friends have developed magical psychic powers.

I’m currently working on the relics of the lost age trilogy, a series of stories about a badass 1930s american archaeologist who fights nazis, discovers ancient secrets and has amazing adventures all. It currently has 1 classic stock car which replaces your rammer rs vehicle, it has 32 nascar skins and a choice of wheel colours for 1 nascar wheel. I look forward to getting chapter two to everyone as soon as possible!

‘the ballad of devil’s creek is an interactive novel wip set in an alternate timeline of the ‘old west’. Also available for steam, iphone, android, kindle, windows, mac os x, and linux. So most of us have played all of choice of games and hosted games.

I’m james, and i write interactive novels for the amazing “hosted games” label of “choice of games”.

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Step 1 Based in black, highlighted with Beige. White

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